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RADS, Inc. is a physician-owned private company. As doctors, we believe the principles outlined by the Hippocratic Oath are more important than a corporate bottom line and that medical decisions are best made by doctors, not Wall Street executives. In providing cutting-edge diagnostic care, we answer to our patients, referring physicians and hospital partners.

Our doctors and staff are always willing to answer questions—about everything from how a procedure works to insurance and billing issues. Let us know how we can help you.

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HumanCare: Caring for our patients as we would want to be cared for ourselves

COVID-19 Statement

UPDATE 8-17-20: We are open for outpatient procedures.
Our 24/7 emergency and inpatient coverage continues fully staffed. We pledge to continue to provide quality reports and industry-leading turnaround times throughout the pandemic.

COVID-19 has changed many things about our lives. One thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to your health and safety and to the universal protection of our physicians and patients. As we resume elective care and continue to cover medical emergencies, we realize you may have concerns about coming to a hospital. Policies and procedures are in place to keep you protected when you visit our facilities. As always, RADS radiologists and staff are available to help.

The physicians of RADS are adapting and responding in our unique way, using the latest remote technologies.  All of our radiologists are equipped with diagnostic workstations that allow them to read and consult remotely from any of our hospitals. RADS uses intelligent scheduling and our proprietary dashboard application--Sync--to facilitate rapid scaling of staff hours as needed.

During the crisis, RADS:

• Has had no down-times or coverage issues.
• Has maintained industry-leading, pre-crisis turnaround times.
• Interventional radiology team has continued to serve patients.  
• Radiologists staffing has not been cut.
• Administrative staffing has not been cut.

Preparing for the procedure

This procedure requires no special preparation.

Please inform the staff if there is any possibility of Pregnancy at the time of scheduling your appointment.

A thank you from our president

"Nurses, technicians, ancillary/office staff, administrators and referring physicians:  Thank you for the sacrifices you make every day, especially during this pandemic. Your commitment and courage deserve our gratitude and admiration. Your service to patients is saving lives and making a difference. What you do is appreciated and every moment of your hard work brings us closer to resuming our normal lives."

Richard Porzio, MD
Radiology Diagnostic Services, Inc.

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Breast cancer awareness & 3D Mammography

Who are you fighting for?

The Radiologists of Rads are raising awareness about the importance of detecting breast cancer early. Make a difference and spread the word about mammography and encourage communities, organizations, families, and individuals to get involved. Here are  a few ideas: Ask your doctor about the importance of getting screened for breast cancer.

We are pleased to offer the following services to our patients: digital mammography, 3D mammography/breast tomosynthesis, breast MRI, sterotactic biopsy and ultrasound-guided biopsy.