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Rads, Inc. is a physician-owned private company. As doctors, we believe the principles outlined by the Hippocratic Oath are more important than a corporate bottom line and that medical decisions are best made by doctors, not Wall Street executives. In providing cutting-edge diagnostic care, we answer to our patients, referring physicians and hospital partners.

Our doctors and staff are always willing to answer questions—about everything from how a procedure works to insurance and billing issues. Let us know how we can help you.

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Breast cancer awareness & 3D Mammography

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The Radiologists of Rads are raising awareness about the importance of detecting breast cancer early. Make a difference and spread the word about mammography and encourage communities, organizations, families, and individuals to get involved. Here are  a few ideas: Ask your doctor about the importance of getting screened for breast cancer.

We are pleased to offer the following services to our patients: digital mammography, 3D mammography/breast tomosynthesis, breast MRI, sterotactic biopsy and ultrasound-guided biopsy.